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Book Marks: An Artist´s Card Catalog (Notes from the Library of My Mind by Barbara Page

My sister has the gift of gift giving and thanks to her I have a growing collection of books that have come to mark passages in my own life. I am sharing those books and others with you for information and inspiration. A creative bibliotherapy of sorts.

Some of my best memories from childhood are of my visits to the local library. I not so secretly fantasize about becoming a librarian myself one day yet my affinity for libraries and librarians has its origins in more than childhood memory . Historically libraries have been monuments to cultural wealth and knowledge and community hubs. , connecting people to information and to each other. They have been safe havens and learning centers. Libraries shaped the life and art of pioneering writer Octavia Butler. Lynell George’s new book, ‘A Handful of Earth, A Handful of Sky: The World of Octavia E. Butler’, chronicles Butler’s writing life in Southern California and offers a blueprint for a creative life.

While admittedly my curiosity for library science has also been influenced by fictitious library heroes in books and film, there are the fierce librarians in real life like Mrs. C and famous word smith and activist, Audre Lorde.

The first book on the shelf is aptly titled , ¨Book Marks¨.

Book Marks: An Artists Card Catalog

Barbara Paige re-imagines the autobiography through her reading history illustrated on old 3 x 5 library check out cards. Each artwork represents a bookmark for a moment in time connected to a specific title. The titles begin with picture books from her childhood and span over 10 genres and 70 years of reading. Book Marks includes 434 unique art images (over half her collection) and personal accounts from different stages in her life. Not only does this book satisfy my nostalgia for the local library, but it is also a great reminder that there are many ways to share our stories and how lifetimes can be found in ordinary objects, if you´re looking.

Art Invitation

If you were to create a timeline of your life in books what titles would we read?


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