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Nose & Lips Wall Art

What is Art Therapy?

The use of imagery is one of the most ancient forms of healing and communication. Art therapy is a mental health profession which involves the clinical use of art making, the creative process, and psychotherapeutic theories and techniques to enhance a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health.  Professional art therapists are trained in art, human development, psychological theories and counseling techniques. People  who are experiencing developmental, medical, educational, social or psychological issues can benefit from art therapy services.  Art therapy does not require participants to have artistic ability or experience and people of all ages can benefit from it. 

To understand what’s required to become a credentialed art therapist, visit or

Clinical Art Therapy

Individual Art Therapy Services

Tired of feeling overwhelmed, depleted, or resigned about the areas of life that matter most to you? Want to  experience a sense of personal and spiritual well-being in your daily functioning and relationships? Ready to restore  health, vitality, and connection in your life? 

Creative expression in its many forms gives us access to our inner wisdom.  Engaging in the creative process in a therapeutic setting, with a professionally trained art therapist as a witness, has the power to heal and transform.   In my practice I take a holistic,  integrative approach to healthcare to help clients feel effective in the areas of life that matter most to them.   I see each person as whole and complete and use a strength-based approach that builds on what’s already working.

A creative approach to problems can help bring much needed clarity and valuable insights; highlight your inner wisdom and strength; and assist with creating a new future. You can expect an atmosphere that embodies honesty, collaboration, and humility.  

Encouraging a practice of self-compassion is key.

Remember, whatever you are going through you do not have to do it alone.  Let me “walk beside you” on your path to healing.  Emerge confident and empowered, and flourish.  Curious? Contact me TODAY for a free consultation.  LOVELAND  foundation clients are welcome.




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