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"Fall back in love with yourself and your work".- Lisa Mitchell, author of Creativity As Co-Therapist

Consultation Service

Missing creativity in your professional practice?  

Looking for a new direction in your personal and professional life?

Tap into your own creative process and live a life by design.



Creativity does not belong to artists.  It exists within all of us.  The creative process can give us access to new ways to solve problems, make connections, and experience a greater sense of power and freedom.

In addition to my skills as an art therapist, I have extensive experience in training and development programs focused on distinguishing what blocks us from being effective in the areas of life that matter most to us. Art can restore a sense of play, joy, and meaning to your life and work. I use an arts-based approach including an exploration into the stages of the creative process. We work together to develop  a structure and strategies that empower you to move towards the future you imagine for yourself.  


Let's talk about a customized program to (re) awaken the creative in you.




* The focus of this service is to assist you in fulfilling on your goals through the art process, not mental health. Although this service may have positive health benefits, it is not a substitute for psychological counseling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. Nor is it a substitute for clinical supervision.  If mental health issues arise, a referral will be made to an art therapist or other mental health professional.

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