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Art-based Supervision

Supervision Service

Looking for an art therapy supervisor?

Art therapy is a dynamic modality that is best understood and experienced through our own art making. The demands and emotional challenges of our work as therapists can have us  feel disconnected from  the part of ourselves that had us become art therapists in the first place.  As part of the supervision process you are encouraged to reflect on your own creative process through art making and other expressive modalities.


Benefits of Art-Based Supervision:
  • Develop clinical insight and enhance use of the creative process in therapy.

  • Use art imagery and process to deepen understanding of cross-cultural issues in therapy.

  • Explore new perspectives on counter-transference and treatment issues.

  • Acquire coping skills to deal with powerful content.

  • Establish healthy habits for self-care and decrease risk of burnout.

  • Know yourself as an artist and therapy as your art.

Let’s Work Together

Together we will develop a customized plan for completing your hours for art therapy registration that supports your specific professional goals and  develops your own authentic expression as a therapist. Contact me TODAY to make an appointment for a free 30 minute consultation. In order to prepare for our first meeting, review the Consultation Form.

Looking for all the benefits of art therapy supervision but don't need supervision hours, Click Here.

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